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(285263) 1998 QE2
1998QE2 close celestia.jpg
Discovered by LINEAR
Date of Discovery 19 August 1998

(285263) 1998 QE2, provisional designation 1998 QE2, is a dark asteroid and synchronous binary system, classified as near-Earth object and potentially hazardous asteroid of the Amor group, approximately 3 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 19 August 1998, by astronomers of the LINEAR program at Lincoln Laboratory's Experimental Test Site near Socorro, New Mexico, in the United States. Its sub-kilometer minor-planet moon was discovered by radar on 30 May 2013.


S/2013 (285263) 1[]

Goldstone radar observations on May 29, 2013 discovered that 1998 QE2 is orbited by a minor-planet moon approximately 600–800 meters in diameter. In radar images, the satellite appears brighter than 1998 QE2 because it is rotating significantly more slowly, which compresses the radar return of the satellite along the Doppler axis. This makes the satellite appear narrow and bright compared to 1998 QE2. The satellite orbits the primary every 32 hours with a maximum separation of 6.4 kilometers (4.0 mi). Once the satellite's orbit is well determined, astronomers and astrophysicists will be able to determine the mass and density of 1998 QE2.