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50000 Quaoar
Quaoar spacepedia.png
Artist impression of Quaoar
Discovered by C. Trujillo
M. E. Brown
Date of Discovery 6 June 2002

50000 Quaoar, provisional designation 2002 LM60, is a non-resonant trans-Neptunian object (cubewano) and possibly a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, located in the outermost region of the Solar System. It measures approximately 1110 kilometers in diameter or half the size of Pluto. The object was discovered by American astronomers Chad Trujillo and Michael Brown at the Palomar Observatory on 6 June 2002.



Quaoar has one known moon, Weywot (full designation (50000) Quaoar I Weywot). Its discovery by Michael E. Brown was reported in IAUC 8812 on 22 February 2007, based on imagery taken on 14 February 2006. The satellite was found at 0.35 arcsec from Quaoar with an apparent magnitude difference of 5.6. Weywot Is Extremely Thin!


Quaoar and Weywot are named after mythological figures from the Native American Tongva people. In Tongva mythology, Quaoar (also known as Kwawar, or Chinigchinix) was the creator of the universe. His son Weywot was the "sky god"