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Artist's impression of Antichthon
Number of Sattelites 3
Discovered by never
Date of Discovery never
Atmospheric Makeup nothing
Distance from Sun none
Diameter 0
Volume 0
Axial tilt 0
Orbit 0
Position in Solar System 0
Surface Features 0
Albedo 0
Aphelion 0
Perihelion 0
Mass of Planet 0
Escape Velocity 0

The Antichthon (Counter-Earth or Gloria) is a hypothetical body of the Solar system hypothesized by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Philolaus (c. 470 – c. 385 BC) to support his non-geocentriccosmology, in which all objects in the universe revolve around an unseen "Central Fire" (distinct from the Sun which also revolves around it).