Carme, the largest satellite of the Carme group.

The Carme group is a group of irregular-shaped retrograde satellites belonging to the outer planet of Jupiter. These satellites have a common or similar orbit and have common origins to that of the largest satellite of the group, Carme. These satellites all have spectra similar to that of D-type asteroids. There were seventeen satellites in this group at one time, until provisional moons, moons with no official name, such as S/2006 J 8, were removed, and given different temporary satellite groups. Some provisional moons remained in the group because of their size and similar orbit to Carme.

The current list consists of the satellites (from largest to smallest):


The satellites in the Carme group formed from the remains from a collision with the largest satellite, Carme. Carme displays a light red spectrum that matches that of D-type asteroids, which are not very populous in the Asteroid belt. After it was brought in by Jupiter's gravitational pull, collisions broke this asteroid apart, creating the seventeen satellites of the Carme group, with Carme being the asteroid that started it all.


The surfaces of these satellites are light red. Kalyke is redder than the surrounding satellites however. Some of these satellites contain mountainous landforms, yet most contain few valleys and craters. These satellites have not suffered many collisions over the past million years, except for Carme, though it has not suffered many more collisions after the creation of the Carme group.

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