In the Solar System, there are 219 satellites. A majority of those moons belong to the planet of Saturn, the second most belonging to Jupiter. The largest of these moons is Ganymede, which is one of the Galilean Moons. See more information on moons here
Name of Natural Satellite Planet of Origin
Moon Earth
Mimas Saturn
Enceladus Saturn
Tethys Saturn
Rhea Saturn
Dione Saturn
Titan Saturn
Hyperion Saturn
Iapetus Saturn
Phobos Mars
Deimos Mars
Metis Jupiter
Adrastea Jupiter
Amalthea Jupiter
Thebe Jupiter
Io Jupiter
Europa Jupiter
Ganymede Jupiter
Callisto Jupiter
Themisto Jupiter
Leda Jupiter
Himalia Jupiter
Lysithea Jupiter
Elara Jupiter
Dia Jupiter
Carpo Jupiter
S/2003 J 12 Jupiter
Euporie Jupiter
S/2003 J 3 Jupiter
S/2011 J 1 Jupiter
S/2003 J 18 Jupiter
S/2010 J 2 Jupiter
Thelxinoe Jupiter
Euanthe Jupiter
Helike Jupiter
Orthosie Jupiter
S/2016 J 1 Jupiter
Iocaste Jupiter
S/2003 J 16 Jupiter
Praxidike Jupiter
Harpalyke Jupiter
Mneme Jupiter
Hermippe Jupiter
Thyone Jupiter
Ananke Jupiter
Herse Jupiter
Aitne Saturn
Kale Jupiter
Taygete Jupiter
S/2003 J 19 Jupiter
Chaldene Jupiter
S/2003 J 15 Jupiter
S/2003 J 10 Jupiter
S/2003 J 23 Jupiter
Erinome Jupiter
Aoede Jupiter
Kallichore Jupiter
Kalyke Jupiter
Carme Jupiter
Callirrhoe Jupiter
Eurydome Jupiter
Pasithee Jupiter
S/2010 J 1 Jupiter
Kore Jupiter
Cyllene Jupiter
S/2011 J 2 Jupiter
Eukelade Jupiter
S/2017 J 1 Jupiter
S/2003 J 4 Jupiter
Pasiphae Jupiter
Hegemone Jupiter
Arche Jupiter
Isonoe Jupiter
S/2003 J 9 Jupiter
S/2003 J 5 Jupiter
Sinope Jupiter
Sponde Jupiter
Autonoe Jupiter
Megaclite Jupiter
S/2003 J 2 Jupiter
S/2009 S 1 Saturn
Pan Saturn
Daphnis Saturn
Atlas Saturn
Peggy Saturn
Prometheus Saturn
Pandora Saturn
Epimetheus Saturn
Janus Saturn
Aegaeon Saturn
Mimas Saturn
Methone Saturn
Anthe Saturn
Pallene Saturn
Enceladus Saturn
Tethys Saturn
Telesto Saturn
Calypso Saturn
Dione Saturn
Helene Saturn
Polydeuces Saturn
Rhea Saturn
Titan Saturn
Hyperion Saturn
Iapetus Saturn
Kiviuq Saturn
Ijiraq Saturn
Phoebe Saturn
Paaliaq Saturn
Skathi Saturn
Albiorix Saturn
S/2007 S 2 Saturn
Bebhionn Saturn
Erriapus Saturn
Skoll Saturn
Siarnaq Saturn
Tarqeq Saturn
S/2004 S 13 Saturn
Greip Saturn
Hyrrokkin Saturn
Jarnsaxa Saturn
Tarvos Saturn
Mundilfari Saturn
S/2006 S 1 Saturn
S/2004 S 17 Saturn
Bergelmir Saturn
Narvi Saturn
Suttungr Saturn
Hati Saturn
S/2004 S 12 Saturn
Farbauti Saturn
Thrymr Saturn
Aegir Saturn
S/2007 S 3 Saturn
Bestla Saturn
S/2004 S 7 Saturn
S/2006 S 3 Saturn
Fenrir Saturn
Surtur Saturn
Kari Saturn
Ymir Saturn
Loge Saturn
Fornjot Saturn
Themis (Destroyed) Saturn
Chiron (Destroyed) Saturn
Cordelia Uranus
Ophelia Uranus
Bianca Uranus
Cressida Uranus
Desdemona Uranus
Juliet Uranus
Portia Uranus
Rosalind Uranus
Cupid Uranus
Belinda Uranus
Perdita Uranus
Puck Uranus
Mab Uranus
Miranda Uranus
Ariel Uranus
Umbriel Uranus
Titania Uranus
Oberon Uranus
Francisco Uranus
Caliban Uranus
Stephano Uranus
Trinculo Uranus
Sycorax Uranus
Margaret Uranus
Prospero Uranus
Setebos Uranus
Ferdinand Uranus
Naiad Neptune
Thalassa Neptune
Despina Neptune
Galatea Neptune
Larissa Neptune
Hippocamp Neptune
Proteus Neptune
Triton Neptune
Nereid Neptune
Halimede Neptune
Sao Neptune
Laomedeia Neptune
Psamathe Neptune
Neso Neptune
Charon Pluto
Styx Pluto
Nix Pluto
Kerberos Pluto
Hydra Pluto
MK 2 Makemake


Dysnomia Eris
Dactyl 243 Ida
Skamandrios 624 Hektor
Remus 87 Sylvia
Romulus 87 Sylvia
S/2001 (107) 1 107 Camilla
S/2016 (107) 1 107 Camilla
Petit-Prince 45 Eugenia
S/2004 (45) 1 45 Eugenia
S/2007 (225088) 1 Snow-White
S/2013 (285263) 1 (285263) 1998 QE2
Alexhelios 216 Kleopatra
Cleoselene 216 Kleopatra
Weywot 50000 Quaoar
Didymoon 65803 Didymos
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