Nix Transparent
The highest-resolution image of Nix, taken by New Horizons on 14 July 2015. Image captured in grayscale by LORRI, color added based on other images from Ralph MVIC.
Name of satellite Nix
Planet of origin Pluto
Discovered by Hubble Space Telescope

Pluto Companion Search Team

Date of discovery 15 June 2005

Nix is a natural satellite of Pluto. It was discovered along with Hydra (Pluto's outermost satellite) in June 2005. It was imaged along with Pluto and its other moons by the New Horizons spacecraft as it flew by the Pluto system in July 2015. Of the four small Plutonian moons the best pictures are of Nix, with resolutions as high as 330 meters per pixel.

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