S 2003 J 12

S/2003 J 12 is a natural satellite of Jupiter, and is one of the smallest known natural satellites in the Solar System. He was discovered by a team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii led by Scott S. Shepard in 2003.

Size and Orbit Edit

S/2003 J 12 is 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) in diameter, and orbit's Jupiter at an average distance of 17,883 Mm in 489.72 days, at an inclination of 143 degrees to the ecliptic (143 degrees to Jupiter's equator), in a retrograde direction and with an eccentricity of 0.4920.

Group Edit

He is the innermost of the outer irregular satellites of Jupiter, and he belongs to the Ananke Group.

Trivia Edit

  • He has not been seen since his discovery and is currently considered lost
  • However, the FANDOM user SaturnTehPlanet draw an image him that you see on the top right corner to the page
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