S/2009 S 1
2009 S 1 against Saturn and ring
Discovered by Cassini Imaging Team
Date of discovery 26 July 2009
S/2009 S 1 is a 'propeller moonlet' of Saturn orbiting at a distance of approximately 117,000 kilometres (73,000 mi), in the outer part of Saturn's B Ring, and with an approximate diameter of 300 meters (980 ft). It was discovered by the Cassini Imaging Team on 26 July 2009. The moonlet was noticed during the 2009 equinox event by an approximately 36-kilometer-long shadow that it cast on Saturn's B ring. S/2009 S 1 protrudes approximately 150 metres (490 ft) above the ring. The image was taken approximately 296,000 kilometres (184,000 mi) from Saturn.
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