Planet of Origin



Scott S. Sheppard, Eugene A. Magnier, David C. Jewett, and Yanga R. Fernandez

Date of Discovery

November 25, 2000

Place of Discovery

Mauna Kea Observatory

Surface Color

Light red (common in Carme grouped moons)

Alternate Name(s)

Jupiter XX

Taygete, also known as Jupiter XX, is a retrograde irregular-shaped satellite belonging to the outer planet of Jupiter. This satellite was discovered by four astronomers named Scott S. Sheppard, Eugene A. Magnier, David C. Jewett, and Yanga R. Fernandez. This satellite belongs to the Carme group, with Carme being the largest of the group. This group is made up of retrograde light red irregular satellite, yet the satellite, Kalyke, is redder than the others in comparison. This satellite makes one orbit around Jupiter in about 740 Earth days.


Taygete is believed to have been one of the remains from the creation of the Carme group. The largest piece of the asteroid was named "Carme". The other pieces were classified as the other sixteen satellites of the Carme group.


The surface of Taygete is light red, common in satellites belonging to the Carme group. The surface appears to have suffered minor collisions, showing signs of cratered landforms. There do not appear to many mountainous areas on the satellite yet there do appear to be valleys and other rigid landforms.

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