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This page is about Article Guidelines for the Solar System Wiki. Remember if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box. If it is personal, post it on any administrator or bureaucrat's message wall and they will get to them as soon as possible.


Naming Articles

An article should have a name relating to the topic of the page. If you are making a page, for example, on the dwarf planet Ceres, your page should be named "Ceres". For all you creative writers, you can leave the fancy names inside the subtitles of your article. For example, "With the In-Crowd" can be the name for the subtitle of how Ceres is the only dwarf planet in the inner Solar System.

Linking Other Articles

When linking external articles to other pages that have different names, you must place the name of the article, seperate the article with this symbol "|", and then type the name of the item. Then add your final braces to link the article. For example, when talking about a predetermined moon, in this case I linked "predetermined moon" to Kalyke, you put your two braces "), and then type your text, which in this case is "predetermined moon". Lastly, place the same braces "" at the end of the link.

Links with syntax such as [[Carme|Carme]] or [[Carme|carme]] are not needed and are unnecessary.

Manual of Style


When using templates, such as infoboxes, you must be careful. When using these in source doing freehand, you may forget to add the braces at the end. Remember, that you must use the two brackets (i.e {{}}) at both the beginning and the end of the template's name. Below is an example of an infobox with proper formatting.


The basic template that suits pages not categorized by other templates, such as the Sun or the Asteroid belt.

|Row 1 title =
|Row 1 info =
|Row 2 title =
|Row 2 info =
|Row 3 title =
|Row 3 info =
|Row 4 title =
|Row 4 info =
|Row 5 title =
|Row 5 info =
|Row 6 title =
|Row 6 info =
|Row 7 title =
|Row 7 info =
|Row 8 title =
|Row 8 info =
|Row 9 title =
|Row 9 info =
|Row 10 title =
|Row 10 info =


This template is suited for pages that deal with planets. The syntax for the template is listed below:

|name =
|satellite =
|discover =
|date =
|atmosphere =
|distance =
|diameter =
|orbit =
|position =
|features =
|albedo =
|aphelion =
|perihelion =
|mass =
|tilt =
|escape =
  • Use this template at the end of each "planet" article.

Satellite Template

When dealing with pages that involve natural satellites, use the template listed in the syntax below.

|name =
|origin =
|discover =
|place =
|date =
|color =
|tilt =
|mass =
|apogee =
|perigee =
|apoapsis =
|periapsis =
|alternate =
|geography =
  • Use this template at the end of satellite articles:

Crater Template

This is the crater template for pages that deal with craters on either moons or planets. The syntax for the template is listed below:

|origin =
|eponym =
|discover =
|diameter =
|colongitude =
|neighbor =
|depth =
|coordinates =

Comet Template

This is the template the deals with pages about comets in our Solar System. The syntax for the template is listed below:

|location =
|discover =
|date =
|place =
|aphelion =
|perihelion =
|inclination =
|mass =
|diameter =

Unnecessary Article Creation

If any articles are created yet they are unfit to be part of the wiki, then they will be deleted as soon as possible and the creator will be given a strike on their user page. See more here.

Do's and Do Not's


  • Use correct punctuation
  • Use correct pronunciation
  • Link to articles (optional)
  • Use templates and infoboxes if necessary (optional)
  • Use correct grammar
  • Add sources regulary (optional)

Do Not's

  • Use incorrect punctuation
  • Use incorrect pronunciation
  • Use incorrect grammar
  • Leave articles blank
  • Use unneeded information

Article Discussions

The discussion pages of an article is a forum used to discuss anything about an article with other users. Yet, there are certain limitations to what is used on these discussions.

  • Discussion pages are not to be used for immoderate language. If any immoderate language, which includes cursing, vocabulary used to describe sexual, drug, violence, or graphic references. This also includes insulting users. If this is found by any user, the user must delete the comment and/or report it to an administrator. Or, if it is an administrator, they have the right to delete the comment or even the entire discussion, and then block the user in question for one week.
  • On discussion pages, you may only delete comments if it contains any unnecessary references, commentary, etc. If an administrator receives a complaint about a comment being deleted unfairly, which includes deleting a comment without a proper reasoning, the user must tell an administrator. An administrator, then, has the right to consent whether the reason was valid. Then, has the right to delete the discussion thread and then block any user in question if they played a negative roll in this.
    • NOTE: Deleting comments for other reasons such as insulting any user, insulting the wiki, using immoderate language, etc. is counted automatically as "misbehavior" and the user in question will be either banned from chat or blocked for a week depending on the severity.
  • Discussion pages that have not been edited within fourteen days, or two weeks, will be deleted by an administrator automatically to prevent the clutter of unneeded data. You are not allowed to continue to add data to discussion pages every day if no other user places a comment, for you will get blocked for two hours for "wrongful addition to discussion to prevent deletion".
    • You may not recreate a discussion page once it is deleted. An admin will be forced to delete it and block the user for one day for "recreation of deleted discussion page".

Blog Posts

Blog posts are informational post created by users to inform users on changes on the wiki, etc. Certain rules apply to the creation of these blog posts, however, as listed below.

  • Blog posts are not to be created if the insulting of users are included or involved. The penalty is a one month ban for "insulting of other users".
  • The naming of blog posts must not include inappropriate language or immoderate verb usage. This does not mean creative naming of blog post, yet they must be appropriate toward the wiki. Penalty from avoiding this rule will be a one week ban for "disregard of appropriated language".


The comment section of blog posts have certain rules as well.

  • Comments must not use immoderate language that will either insult the user or inflict any other rudeness. The penalty varies from each offense that the user commits depending on the disregard.
  • The deletion of comments (administrators and bureaucrats) may only be used as a clean-up process for immoderately-worded comments or rude comments toward users. If any admin or bureaucrat disregards this rule, then that user in question will blocked from using their message wall for two hours for each offense.

Creation of Pages

  • When creating pages, you are prohibited to create pages without any or without the basic information needed. Remember this wiki is to help users learn.
  • The creation of fan-fiction-like writing is prohibited from the wiki. Fan-fiction writing refers to the fictional creation of an existing piece of work. No fan-fiction writing is allowed on this wiki. Learn more here.
  • When creating a page, you are not allowed to publish it without proper categorization. You are given a week to add proper categorization. Once said week is up, you will banned for one day and a user will be forced to add proper categorization to the page.