The Solar System Wiki

Like any government of the world, this wiki has strict laws you must follow, and for every law, there is a punishment you must face with every disregarding of ANY of any rule, a majority of these consequences being banning.


As any wiki is against this, vandalism is strictly prohibited from this wiki. Vandalism is the spread of invalid or even hurtful information throughout a wiki. If any vandalism is caught around the wiki, in the form of text in articles and even entire articles, the page in question will either be cleared of the vandalism and then protected or the article in question will be deleted entirely. Then, the vandal with either receive a warning, blockage, or be banned from chat. This will be decided through the Vandal Accordance Chart (VAC).

Vandal Accordance Chart (VAC)

As above, it states the level of vandalism will be determined by the Vandal Accordance Chart, which is displayed below. The format is the punishment and then a few probable reasons.

  • Warning - posting one minor harmful edit on a page, posting a rude comment on anything on the wiki
  • Banned from chat (from one day to one week) - posting rude things on chat, insulting a chat moderator, doing something that doesn't encourage any other users to get on chat
  • Blockage - (from one week to infinite) extreme amount of vandal edits, creation of articles that insult the wiki or otherwise harm the wiki, insulting or harming other users, posting rude comments of the wiki or user page/message walls, creating rude blog posts

Requests for Ban

See Also: Requests for Ban

  • You must place your user name any where on the page where you are stating your reason for requesting a user for ban. Failure to do so will result in blockage of your user.
  • You must display a reason for the request for banning. Failure to do so will result in a request for ban for your user.
  • You must place links to the sites of vandalizing for that user. Failure to do so will result in the strike method. See strike method at bottom of page.
  • You are not allowed to request a user for ban without the consent of a user, preferably an administrator or bureaucrat. Failure to do so will request in a request for ban for that user.

If you are going to request ANY user for ban, you must follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Continuous vandalizing of one article or numerous articles
  • Continuous vandalizing of talk pages on any user, including administrators (or admins), chat moderators, or other miscellaneous users
  • Disregarding or negligence to read any of the guidelines


  • You may only add categories if they are relative to the criteria listed on the article. Failure to do so will result in the strike method.
  • You may only create categories with the consent of an administrator. Failure to do so will result in deletion of the category.
  • Categories with inappropriate names will have automatic deletion. The user will also have infinite banning.

Talk Pages/Comments/Message Walls

  • While on talk pages, you may not use inappropriate criteria, including inappropriate language, images, etc. Failure to do so will result in infinite ban.
  • You may not leave your user name in your comments. Failing to do so will result in a request for ban due to author being withheld in a comment on a talk page.
  • You not leave hurtful or rude criteria on a talk page of any user on this wiki. The result will be infinite blockage and you will be forced to post an apology message to that user once spotted.

Criteria of the Wiki

  • You may not post any information from another wiki if it does not suit the criteria of this wiki. Failure to do so will result in the strike method.
  • You may not post information from this wiki to another wiki without the consent of an administrator. Failure to do so will result in deletion of that information and a blockage.

Fan Fiction

Falling as a subcategory under the criteria of this wiki, no fan fiction may be placed on this wiki. Fan fiction is any fictional text created by a user. Anything considered fan fiction is considered under here either as examples or the actual names of possible fan fiction-like writing:

  • indirect use of personification (such as Earth speaking to Jupiter)
  • creating articles that display such typing (such as "The Chronicles of Saturn")
  • placing space-related icons in fan fiction typing (such as Neil Armstrong talking to Earth's Moon)

If any user is caught creating fan fiction, they will experience a one day ban plus the deletion of their fan fiction writing. If more fan fiction is found from that user, the longer the ban.


On this wiki, we do not appreciate bias, for we believe brings nothing but arguments between users. Bias means personal feelings or thoughts expressed through information in text. Authors of books use bias in their novels, yet we do not accept it here. Examples of bias are listed below:

  • Saturn's rings may bring light to the planet, yet Jupiter is where the size is at.
  • Personally, I believed Earth is quite lame compared to that of the beauty of the neighboring planet, Venus.
  • As Uranus may be one of the brightest objects in the night sky, it is so far away from the Sun and makes it pointless to look at through a telescope.


The insulting of users on this wiki is something that the entire community takes personally. Insulting users will be handled by the following laws:

  • If a user insults another user on chat, the user insulted must report this to an admin immediately. The user in question will be blocked for one month.
    • If this happens on chat, an administrator, bureaucrat, or chat moderator has the right to ban you from chat for a month for each offense on chat.
  • If a user insults another user on his/her message wall, that user will be blocked for one month and be banned from typing on message walls until the block is over.
  • If a user insults another user based on discriminated-like commentary (including sexual preferences, race, color, etc.), the user in question will be blocked from the wiki for an entire month for "discrimination of another user".

Creation of Pages

Pages on this wiki have certain rules, especially when creating them. Most of these rules of the creation of pages can be found in the Article Guidelines, yet some basic rules can be found below.

  • When creating pages, you are not allowed to leave the page blank, the user in question will receive a warning. The page will then have to be deleted or improved by any user.
  • When creating a page, no creative titles are allowed to be used. This may confuse the reader on what they are reading. The punishment for the user in question will be a warning, followed by the renaming of the page in question.
  • Any fan fiction-like writing on the wiki will be deleted and the user in question will receive a one day ban.


Failing to follow the guidelines of the wiki will result in numerous consequences, beginning with the use of the strike method. The guidelines are as listed below:


Any failure to use legit criteria on chat will result in the strike method. Any chat moderator to pass on chat is allowed to ban you from chat, kick you off chat, and request you for ban.

  • You are not allowed to use immoderate language on chat, including curse words and some slang terms. If seen or reported, you will be banned from chat for one-week.
  • Chat moderators cannot use immoderate language on chat. Failure to do so, if seen or reported, will result in revoking of chat moderating rights.

Abusive Power

  • You are not allowed to give someone the right to be an admin without checking their user page first and then their page on their requests for adminship. Failure to do so will result in a request for ban.
  • If you are unrightfully ban or kick someone off chat, you will have your chat moderator rights revoked by an administrator.
  • Any right given to a user that does not meet expectations of receiving that right will result in the administrator or bureaucrat having their rights revoke by another administrator and one-week ban.


The deletion of pages can only be requested by the community. Said requests will only be accepted by the votes discussed by the community announced on the discussion pages of the page in question. Once the discussion is set up, the vote for the deletion of the page must be unanimous, meaning all votes must be the same either being "yes or no" "I or nay" and vice versa. The page then must be deleted by only bureaucrats, administrators, or the founder, MrScience12, for they only have the power. If any of this is disregarded in any way listed below, a consequence will be followed.

  • If an admin or bureaucrat deletes a page without the consent of ANY user of the community, including that of the creator of the page himself, the administrator/bureaucrat will be banned for two days, plus a rollback will have to change the page back if another administrator or bureaucrat does not do it first.
  • If an admin or bureaucrat deletes a page when the unanimous vote of the community claims "no or nay", then that admin or bureaucrat will have their powers stripped for one week. If not corrected by an admin/bureaucrat first, a rollback will have to change the page back.

Banning and Blockage

Administrators, bureaucrats, and chat moderators have the ability to ban/block users, yet there are certain rules for these bans, and for every rule, the longer the ban. The ban can even be extended for each offence a user commits. Any disregard of the laws above refer to the strike method, meaning that on the second time, you will get a request for ban and the community must decide whether it should be successful or unsuccessful. If an admin or bureaucrat decides to ban users that they do not have a liking to or any other unreasonable offence, you will have your powers revoked and the user in question will be free from being banned.

If any user is caught unrightfully banning or blocking any user, the administrator or bureaucrat in question will be blocked for one week.

Wrongful Grant

Granting powers to users is very important to the community. Administrators can give rollback and chat moderator powers. Bureaucrats can make administrators, rollback and chat moderator powers. These powers can be easily abused though if put into the wrong hands. If seen put in the wrong hands, the punishment we be stripping of those powers of both the granter and the user in question, and a ban for one week.


Voting of the deletion of pages will ONLY be done on the discussion page forum of the page in question. The community, which includes the users, including the rollbacks, the administrators, the bureaucrats, founder, anonymous contributors, and even the creator of the page itself can decide to delete the page. The answer must be unanimous to whether the page be deleted or not. Voting will be concluded after two weeks after the discussion is started. There are rules to voting, however:

  • You may not vote more than once. If you disregard this rule, your vote will be deleted and will not be counted. You will also be blocked from posting on your message wall for two hours for "invalid use of voting".
  • You may only include the words "yes or I" or "no or nay" in your vote.
  • Voting can be set up by any user in the community. Once voting is set up, the user in question has the right in order to delete the thread and/or to vote "yes or I" or "no or nay". Once said voting is set up, any user in the community has the right to vote on the deletion of the page.
  • If voting is deleted by the creator of the discussion thread, the voting page can ONLY be revived or restored by an administrator or bureaucrat. If voting is restored by an admin or bureaucrat, the admin or bureaucrat in question has the right to create the question and vote only once. The admin or bureaucrat in question does not have the right to recreate the voting answers of other users.
    • If the admin or bureaucrat in question votes multiple times, then the admin or bureaucrat in question will be blocked from editing on message walls for one day for each offense, the reason being "multiple offenses of voting".