Welcome to Requests for Ban, where you come to requests users for ban, whether it be infinite, minor, major, etc. Remember, there must be a reason stated as to why you requested this user for ban. Whenever you request someone for ban, you must state three things:

  • State your user name
  • The reason for ban
  • Links to pages where vandalizing occurred

Successful BansEdit

This is where the successful bans are placed. This section of the page can be edited by any user of the community but only after the user is succesfully banned if so. See section of Policy.

Unsuccessful BansEdit

This is a list of unsuccessful bans. Any user can place the unsuccessful bans here, yet only after the conformation of the unsuccessful ban in made.

Infinite BansEdit

This is a list of users that have infinite bans. Only administrators and bureaucrats can place this, for one or more of them knows how long they banned these category of users.

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