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Hello and welcome to my user page. As you can see from my the marking next to my username, you can see I am the founder of this great wiki, which means I have bureaucratic, administrative, chat moderator, and rollback rights. That means I am the head of this wiki, and means that you can message me for ABSOLUTELY anything. You may see me on chat frequently on this wiki, for I have to make sure everything on my wiki is running smoothly, especially on chat.

History On This Wiki

As revealed before, I am the proud owner of this wiki, therefore my history is quite self-explanatory, yet I will go a little in depth as to why I created such a wiki.

I was desperate one night. I needed to share more of what I knew about the ancient land of Mesopotamia. As I ventured to see how I could, when I came across a wiki all about geography. It was beautiful. I expanded the page massively, and was welcomed to the wiki.

As I saw how much I could do to this new found wiki, I decided I wanted to create a wiki of my own. I thought about what I knew about most, which was, obviously, the Solar System. When I created this wiki, the page I created first was our planet, the Earth. Secondly was the first planet from the Sun, Mercury.

Friends On This Wiki

Da Nerd


Create the wiki - done
10 edits - done
100 edits - done
500 edits - done
1000 edits - done
1200 edits - done
Become an admin - done
Become a chat moderator - done
Become a bureaucrat - done
Become a rollback - done

Visit George Boggs - done