The Solar System Wiki

Planets by Kim Jackson

Our world is a planet named Earth.

Nine planets move around the sun.

Our sun is not a planet.

It is a star!

Our sun gives us heat and light.

Planets close to the sun are very hot.

Planets far from the sun are very cold.

A planet named Mercury is closest to the Sun.

Mercury is hot!

A planet named Venus looks bright.

From Earth, Venus looks bright like a star!

A planet named Mars is red.

Mars has two moons!

A planet named Jupiter is very big.

Jupiter is the biggest planet.

A planet named Saturn has rings.

The rings are made of ice and rock.

A planet named Uranus also has rings.

Uranus has rings and moons!

A planet named Neptune is far away.

Neptune is almost far for us to see.

A planet named Pluto is very far away from the sun.

It is very cold there!

Pluto has one moon.